What’s it all about?


I’m a visual soul. When I write, I see everything as though I were watching a film. I also hear dialogue as I write it, pick up the background noise, smell the coffee my characters drink, as well as taste it, and feel what their fingertips touch.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts or ‘about’ pages, you’ll have picked up that I’m new to the wonders of technology, having spent the past few years concentrating on writing (i.e. word processing and using Google for research). January 2014 saw that begin to change. In February 2014, my voyage into technology continues. Who knows where it will lead? For starters, how about venturing (adventuring?) into the world of Pinterest where I have created a mood board for my upcoming novel? I’d love to know what you think …


2 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Nice! I love the mood board. I should do that too…but I’m lucky if I pin my location prompts with as crazy as things are around here. I’m in awe of people who are organized enough to pull it all together visually.


    • Thanks! I sort of stumbled into Pinterest the other day, though I had heard of it. I’m already jotting ideas down for mood boards for the next novel … And though it may appear organised, you wouldn’t want to see the inside of my head, which is packed with teetering piles of disorganised ideas!


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