Strong as Death


My novel, ‘Strong as Death’, is available over the next few days on a Kindle Countdown Deal on and (Amazon Countdown Deals aren’t available in other territories, though you can still download the book worldwide). If you’d like to find out more, follow one of the links below, and if you do decide to download and read, I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I loved writing it.


16 thoughts on “Strong as Death

    • A much appreciated endorsement. You were the first person outside of people known to me to read my book and give me such great comments. Thank you for your continued support.


    • Hi Stephen. The word twitter manages to make me go all sort of twitchy! I really don’t know how to even start with that particular social media! I only started Facebook and blogging at the beginning of the year (my daughter helped me to launch!). As neither of my kids (both in their 20s) twit (twitter?), I have no one to point me in the right direction. I must investigate this summer when I have a little more time … any advice gratefully received 🙂


      • Tweet! I have this book, its ok but a bit business heavy. Like, some people are relentless for ebook promotion on it which i guess is part of it or one way to approach it but its a good place to share blog posts and sometimes get talking to other writers, theres loads of publishers, mags etc there too. But there are places that tweet promotions just for ebooks which it would be good to connect with, for example. I am still sussing it out too. Was hella confused at first. You should just sign up and play with it like with the blog. Put that you write in your description and other writers will add you. Retweet stuff you like, add people and use hashtags just kinda like you use tags for blog posts #butmuchtrendier. I think its better than facebook for sharing stuff you like too, commenting etc, because you don’t have to think about or get focused on ‘likes’. Takes time to get into it though. But i know my brother, he is a photographer, and now he gets most of his business through twitter, so worthwhile i think.

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      • Wow, Stephen! Thanks for taking the time to write all that advice! I will definitely delve deeper now. I have no intention of turning into one of those old fogies who takes delight in shunning the modern world. And you’re right about just having a go; after all, by pressing buttons and experimenting, I’ve met really interesting and talented people from all over the world, and I haven’t broken the internet in the process!!


  1. Good luck with the promotion Julia. I hope to catch up and get to your work soon. I have three others I have downloaded and am behind due to our move. You are a wonderful writer and I know this will show.

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