Days like these


Some days, things just seem to fall into place, the sun shines, good things happen to people you love and all is well with the world. Today is one of those days when my face won’t stop smiling and anything seems possible. When days like these dawn, we have no way of knowing whether outcomes we hope for will surprise us, or disappoint. So days like these are precious in ways that silver and gold could never be and I thank God for them.



This morning, my daughter had an interview for a job that everyone who knows her believed would be perfect. Many of her days have been turbulent recently, so prayers have been prayed by friends from across the world who have longed for this lovely young woman to find her feet placed on ground that will not give way. This has been one of those days when prayers have been answered in one of those grin-inducing ways; she got the job, one step in a very good direction! As I dropped her off for the interview, I watched her walk away from me and I began to pray. I remembered the first moment I held her; the toddler who squawked rather than talked (it’s amazing what results a well-pitched squawk can achieve); the gangly school girl who fought her way through academia to gain successes despite her dyslexia; the beautiful young girl on the cusp of womanhood at her final school prom; her graduation from the university she never thought she would get to attend. And here she is today, a young woman with a CV that tells one story, and a life that has overcome many difficulties to make her the person of promise, the gift to the world, that she is today.
I have no doubt that days like these are so precious because of the days when darkness seems so dark that no light will ever banish it and burdens are so heavy they will break more than backs. And it’s days like those, when we can’t see, when life aches our hearts, when powerlessness tells us to turn our face to the wall and close our eyes, when we must find our feet, when we must peer through the murk, when we must put one heart-heavy footstep in front of the next, when we must continue to pray in faith we cannot feel. Because it’s days like those that bring us to days like these and give us the strength to delight in the treasures they bring.


18 thoughts on “Days like these

  1. W. K. Tucker

    I’m so happy for your daughter, Julia–and for you. Isn’t it amazing how the triumphs of our children (more so than our own) bring us the most joy in life?

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    • Me too! It’s part time, so she needs another too, but we’re hoping and praying for movement on that front very soon. And you’re right, you will be there before you know it; I cannot believe how quickly life has swept through the years since my children were born. Worth every moment though.


  2. I am filled with joy for both you and your daughter. I prey there are countless days like this one ahead for you both. I have four sons, all of whom are struggling to find their perfect fit in the world but I have recently been through this same experience with one of them. Finally someone hs recognized his true potential and offered him a position doing what he has worked so hard towards. My children’s successes are more i portant to me than my own. I truly understand.

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    • Strangely, I wrote this post two years ago, and yet we’re back in the waiting-for-things-to-get-better phase. Two years ago was the start of a sequence that led my daughter to retrain as a teacher. She’s now looking for a job, far easier said than done in this part of the country. She amazes me with her strength and resilience. I am so pleased that things are working out for your son. Someone once said to me that you can only ever be as happy as your unhappiest child. There is truth in that…

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