Christmas Stories


My Christmas Story Tree

My Christmas Story Tree

My Christmas tree is full of stories. Again this year, its branches are decorated with baubles that the fingers of my children’s great grandparents hung from their tree. Fragile glass birds and hand-painted orbs suspend alongside the glue and glitter Archangel and Father Christmas my own children crafted more than twenty years ago.
Matt's Angel

Matt’s Angel

Then there’s the lantern-carrying child my mum gave me the Christmas my first child was born, which hangs in the same tree with one of the first decorations I ever bought (which, unbeknownst to me, terrified my children for years as, rather than the benevolent Victorian Father Christmas I saw delivering a doll to some lucky child, appeared to them as a red-coat wearing, malevolent child-snatcher.

Snatcher Santa

Snatcher Santa

Nevertheless, apparently Christmas would not be the same if the terrifying Santa Claus didn’t make his annual appearance).

Beth's Father Christmas

Beth’s Father Christmas

As I look at my Christmas tree, I hear stories of my life retold in the whispers of loved ones who are no longer here, the echoes of childhoods now out-grown by my now-grown children and in the love of the man who has shared more than half of his life with me. And nothing I imagine could improve the story I hear. And as I peer into the branches that hold such treasures, there is one that never dies, never grows old, never fades, and it’s the story of love that came into the world so that anyone who chooses can live in the light of the One who ignited the stars and overcame the darkest darkness that is death.
Wishing you peace and joy and light this Christmas.


8 thoughts on “Christmas Stories

  1. What a nice story of the stories in your Christmas tree, Julia! So happy to see you are back! Did you get lots and lots of writing done during your absence? Laurie and I have never had a traditional Christmas tree. We have always decorated a plant or bonsai. This year our decoration is a string of lights draped along the top of the mirror in the dance room. I started to decorate our big, gnarly bonsai, and Spunk, our new, now rather large, kitten was in the middle of the bonsai helping un-decorate it. No decorated plants this year. Merry Christmas to all in your household and I hope Beth is doing well.

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  2. Kittens and Christmas trees really don’t mix, do they? 😀 I have a vivid mental image of Christmas chez toi et Laurie.
    I will update on my writing progress in the New Year – a mixed story but one I’m happy with! As for Beth, she is well and loving her new job and looking forward to the holiday season.
    Wishing you all a joyous and peace-filled Christmas and New Year.


  3. Lovely to hear from you, Julia, and thanks for sharing your Christmas tree stories. As I get older, I’ve started to think about the sometimes quite humble objects that accompany throughout my life. A casserole dish that belonged to my mother, or a crystal bowl that was a wedding gift from my grand-mother. I found an old tea towel featuring Scottish wild flowers at the bottom of a drawer that I hung on my bedroom wall when I was a child. It seems extraordinary that it still exists, when the house has long since been sold!

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    • It is extraordinary what can trigger our emotional memory. My garden room, the place where I write and paint, is full of things that will have no meaning to anyone but me; things that will no doubt end up in a skip once I’m not around to know how precious they really are!


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