Selkie_CoverAfter all the dreaming, all the planning, all the writing, all the re-writing, it’s arrived – the day anyone with the will (and a Kindle, or a device that will download the free Kindle app) can read my new novel, Selkie. If you give it a go, please let me know what you think by leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads and/or contacting me here, on my Facebook page or via Twitter (links to the left of this post).

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What’s Selkie about?

One unforgettable summer, sixteen year old Sam Harris is drawn into the mystery of the ghost-girl who wanders the cove below Tigh-Creag, the cliff top house that legend says was built with selkie gold. Who is she? And how is she linked to the ancient Miss McCulloch, owner of Tigh-Creag, who, with her talk of sea husbands and selkies, watches the cove from her bedroom window?
As Sam’s life becomes tangled in the history of the McCullochs, the free-spirited Seb Calhoun, whose family have told selkie stories for generations, and the brooding Sneddon Henderson, descendent of those with their reasons to hate the sea people, she falls in love for the first time. But the feuds that stem from the selkie legends of the past reach out to touch the present in ways that have devastating consequences.


16 thoughts on “Selkie

    • Thank you. I really hope you enjoy it, though with everything you’ve got on your plate at the moment, I don’t know how you’ll conjure the time 🙂

      I’m very pleased with the cover – the designer really captured what I asked for. Glad you think it works.

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  1. Congratulations Julia! It looks so intriguing. I have not had more than a handful of moments strung together for reading lately. But I am getting there, page by page. I amy read before bed tonight! I hope this one is loved by all.

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  2. I have my copy of “Selkie” waiting on my iPad. I plan to move it up on my lengthy to read list, and though I’m not the best at reviewing a book, will do so on Amzon UK and US when I’m finished. I’m sure I’ll love it.


  3. Julia, I finished Selkie last night and loved it. I don’t usually read young adult fiction (am I right in putting it in that category? I’m assuming so from the protagonist), but I thought it had a wonderful plot and it held my interest from the first page.

    More importantly, I think that when you let yourself go, your writing is truly beautiful. The last few chapters were marvelous, and I was very sorry when they ended. Every time along the way when you let this side of your writing show, I was delighted.

    You were right not to include too much of this type of writing along the way, given the type of book you set out to write, since it would have interrupted the flow and action (it’s rare for writers to exercise this much self-constraint). But it left me hoping that in your next book you’ll choose a genre where you’ll be able to let your lyrical talents bloom.

    I’ll post a full review at my blog, on Amazon UK and US and GoodReads within the next day or two. In the meantime, thanks for writing such a wonderful book!

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    • Thank you for such appreciative and positive comments, Andrew. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book – I loved writing it.

      As for genre, you’re right that it’s YA, but I also consider it crossover, as so many adults who are no longer in the ‘first flush’ seem to enjoy reading both Selkie and Strong as Death. It’s always my goal to write a story that will engage readers, keeping them interested no matter what their age, whilst at the same time ensuring that my writing is of the best I can conjure. I sometimes think it’s a shame that books have to fall into a category, certainly to be commercial. I don’t set out with a target audience in mind, just a story I need to tell and, should readers discover it, so much the better.

      My current project is the first of a fantasy trilogy for 11-14 year olds and following that, I have plans for another crossover time-slip tale. I have the outline for an adult novel, but I need to do some physical research (in France) and hope to begin the process of pulling that together in 2017/18. But who knows? All the best laid plans and all that …


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