Catching magic


Golden dragonfly.

Golden dragonfly.

Recently, my husband suggested an evening walk somewhere magical. A Site of Special Scientific Interest, Drumbrugh Moss is an ancient and rare place that is home to flora and fauna that has been established for thousands of years. With each step we took, dragonflies, clouds of them, took flight. As the sun caught their wings, the air was filled with shimmers of turquoise and emerald and copper and gold, and my breath was taken away as that place seemed to be alive with more than the memory of the time when faeries were real and their tales were true. I wish I could have captured the sight, but I’m not a photographer and the only camera I own is on my phone. I’ve done my best with these images I’m sharing here.
Dragonfly landing on Steve's hand.

Dragonfly landing on Steve’s hand.

Drumbrugh Moss - a magical place.

Drumbrugh Moss – a magical place.

Turquoise dragonfly.

Turquoise dragonfly.

Dragonflies are a symbol of resurrection, a symbol of hope, and I was reminded of a scene in my novel, Strong as Death. Omitting a name for those who haven’t read it, this passage came to mind:

“Music I’ve never heard before, sung by a voice I never thought I’d hear again, joins in with the silvery snow-dance and floats towards me and I search through the lacy veil to find the source. And there he is, singing his song of darkness that became warm, like liquid velvet that shimmers with a promise, velvet black that swallowed the shadows of the pain that was his charred and broken body. And there is light, singing to him, and in him and through him, pulling him into the circle of silver that glimmers at the end of the dark. And the silver explodes and the sound is glorious and the broken body, the body that’s no longer his, falls away to the bottom of the dark. And iridescent wings lift him towards a blue he never imagined, rays of light touch his body reborn, sending flashes of green and flares of cerise like a first sunrise. And his new song reaches for the chorus of the dragonflies that flock above him as he soars to join his dragonfly-song with theirs.”

Strong as Death second edition

Strong as Death
second edition

I hope I catch the imagery of these magical creatures with my words, if not my pictures and if you’d like to give Strong as Death a try, you can find it:


23 thoughts on “Catching magic

    • Thanks, Tim. Complete fluke! I couldn’t even see what I was photographing – I just kept pressing the button on my phone camera. Later, at home, I deleted so many images. This one, I cropped and was delighted at what I found 🙂

      It really is a magical place, and not one that many people visit.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Julia. I also love dragonflies and think they may just be little fairies or sprites–or at least can imagine they are. 😊 And your excerpt from Strong as Death was quite intriguing…I gotta work it up on my to read list.
    Btw, I’ve decided to go back home…it just doesn’t feel quite right at the place I am now. WKT will see you soon.

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    • It’s not difficult to believe in sprites and all things faery when you see sights like those.

      Glad you’ve tried your new home – sometimes you’ve got to go a different route to discover you were already on the right one.

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  2. Jula, I enjoyed this post for its honesty, simplicity and brevity, but also because of the superb pictures you’ve displayed. The whole package reminded me of a recent holiday up in Braemar in the midst of the Cairngorms. We spent a day at the highest place in the mountain range at Tomintoul and walked for miles. Every now and then I’d realise I was on my own, and when I looked around my wife was wading into the bushes with her ‘tablet’ to take pictures of flowers or insects. Your outstanding pictures took me straight back there. Great post.

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