Birthdays and Beaches and Turning Forty-Two


Cassandra shares beautifully simple yet profound refelections on her blog. I love taking a few moments to read her thoughts. Perhaps you will too?

Cassandra Rankin

Sometimes a mama can get busy and when that happens, every little interruption becomes a big interruption and then pretty soon the baby who’s not really a baby anymore comes in and his big brown eyes well over and he hugs long and tight and he says “Mama the sign at the hardware store says ‘don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to live the life you made'”. DSC_0877

And my heart quivers in my chest a little and even though it’s just a short-term project that’s taken me away from my normal everyday routine for the past week, to them…a week without mama is a long time.

It worked out nicely that it rained so hard over my birthday…our outdoorsy stuff could be put on hold. And by the time they all got home from shopping with Daddy for Mama -how they love to spoil…

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