The click of her clack…


A beautiful, heart-touching post about the power of love and loss and the stories they compel us to write …

Maxpower's Blog

That love is selfless and grief selfish, may be incongruous notions of illusion we perpetuate through rampant phases of emotion that strike us at very different times in our lives. What I want to be and who I am, are defined and separated by a chasm of uncertainly, self-delusion and reckless hope that make my aspiration noble but my reality shamefully fickle and lacking. I think perhaps I am not alone in this.

On grief, I have no doubt of the selfishness of that emotion. It is felt deepest when aligned to the loss of love of course and I have been caressed by its touch, felt the nettle sting on my cheek through fallen tears and try not to consider the next time it will visit itself upon me. True grief, is selfish. At its core is the rendering of one’s heart and the world stops for you alone…

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