“Light is precious in a world so dark”


For the past month, the nights should have been getting shorter, but it doesn’t feel like it. Day after grey day, the clouds that deluged this beautiful part of the world with devastating floods at the start of December continue to hide the sun like a threat. As I write this, it’s raining again and weather forecasts warn of more possible flooding in the north west of the UK.

More than two thousand people in my home city of Carlisle are either living in temporary accommodation or camping out in the upstairs rooms of their devastated homes. Those who have insurance find that the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly. And those who weren’t insured …

Of course, floods don’t sweep away the challenges people were already facing; illness, relationship breakdown, bereavement, stress, redundancy – the list goes on. And problems aren’t limited to one area of the world. Every country, every community, every family, every person has their portion of difficulties that come in every shade of dark.

Cassandra Rankin (if you haven’t discovered her blog yet, take a look – it’s a gem), shared a quote this week:

“Stories are light.” ― Kate DiCamilloThe Tale of Despereaux

Are stories light? Depends on the author. Depends on the story. There are some stories that are so dark their only flavour is hopelessness and fear. Others seem full of light when all they are is sweetness. And too much sugar is bad for you; too much sugar makes you sick. Too much sugar kills you. We’re hearing that all the time these days.

I looked up the rest of Kate DiCamillo’s quote and have précised it to: “Tell … a story. Make some light.”

Jesus had some things to say about light to his followers. One of them goes like this:

“You are the light of the world … let your light shine before others” Matthew 5:14, 16.

And in one of John’s letters he writes: “If we claim to have fellowship with Him and yet walk in darkness, we lie …” 1 John 1:5, 6

Believer or not, we can all find ways to write stories of light with our lives. That way, in the times when our chapters begin to grow dark, when the words become too faint to read, the stories of others will provide some light in our darkness. I want my life to tell a story. I want to make some light.


17 thoughts on ““Light is precious in a world so dark”

  1. Julia,

    What a deLIGHT to read your post!!! Such beauty here. What heartache for your hometown. I had no idea. 😦

    When I talk about Annie Spruce to my children, or school children, or anyone really… I remind them that we each and every one have a story. And when we’re given a story, we have a responsibility to share it. Some people share by writing, some by painting, some by cooking, some by sculpting, some by talking…the list goes on. But that’s our duty. To share our story.

    To share our light.

    I love this post Julia. ❤

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  2. It is how I keep my own sanity. Keeping the Light alive so that others may see. My Dad and stepmother, who lost everything in Louisiana flooding nearly 5 mos ago, are finally moving into a new home after having to live with relatives while everything was sorted. I wish everyone in your part of the world much love, light and lifting up Julia.

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