Blink and you’ll miss it!


Yesterday, I noticed a few more wrinkles. Perhaps it’s because today I’m not just another day older, but a whole year? Today, I read this post and getting older doesn’t seem so bad.

Two of the children in the featured photo are mine. The passing of the years has seen them grow into adults who fill me with joy each day and the three boys with them are now fine young men. The friendship that was already years old when this photo was taken has sheltered me through storms, helped me find water in desert times, has rejoiced with me in good times. Who needs birthdays to celebrate? Thank you, Rebecca, for the wonderful reminder.



I sit back, my head resting on the seat, looking out of the window of this racing train. I watch the terrain alter from snow smattered hills to green plains, barren heights to fertile valleys. It all changes so quickly. ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ comes to mind! Life isn’t too dissimilar. The older I get, the more fleeting life seems. I was given this lovely, old photograph of my boys by the beautiful girl who is also in this picture with her brother. This dear friendship between families has lasted the years, though we have all changed so much.
As I look at those lovely faces, it makes me realize how quickly the years have gone by! ‘Time waits for no man’ and never rests but moves forward with relentless energy and pace. The seasons cycle, even ‘spin’ by. Darkness hands the relay baton to the dawn and…

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