About my book: Strong as Death


Strong as Death Book cover from Peter as jpegStrong as Death, published in February 2014, is my first novel, available as an ebook from Amazon.

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“Set me as a seal on your heart, for love is strong as death.”

Until she meets Dylan Lachlan, sixteen year-old Minnie Shilling has one passion – music. After a series of embarrassing encounters, Minnie believes Dylan will never notice her for the right reasons. To make things worse, she’s the only witness to a sequence of eerie incidents that convince Minnie someone is watching her. Is she losing her mind, or is something more sinister, something not from this world, stalking her? When Minnie’s life comes under threat, she must fight to discover which is stronger; a love to live for, or the darkness that will move Hell to steal her soul.

What people are saying about Strong as Death:

***** “Awesome first novel, couldn’t put it down. Great characters and well described settings building images in your mind, looking forward to reading more from this author.” bash on Amazon.co.uk

***** This book is excellent I couldn’t put it down. From the beginning I didn’t know what to expect but before long I was enthralled. I will definitely recommend this book to others. This book is so well written I could imagine the places in my mind . I await this author’s next book with interest.”  Catherine P. Paton on Amazon.co.uk

*****  “… the main character’s journey is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, and the imagery is outstanding throughout … I highly recommend this book. A superb piece of writing.”  T.Benson on Amazon.co.ok

**** “This book speaks of those deep issues of life that surely we all face or long for, the innocence and fears of first love, the discovery of value through being cared for and believed in, and the eternal themes of suffering, loss and death. With an amazing descriptive narrative of both the internal and external journey Julia Lund has brought a profound message of hope. Love truly wins!” Jan on Amazon.

***** “What a beautifully written book. The characters are real and warm. The descriptions bring the scenes to life and the emotions that it evokes are so real! I recommend this book to anyone who doubts the power of love or who just wants a really good read.”  Lynne on Amazon.

“I absolutely loved your book. The descriptions were wonderful and the story just carried me along from the start.” Pam by letter

“I had to keep reading to find out the end.” Dave via Facebook


20 thoughts on “About my book: Strong as Death

  1. I purchased your book and started reading it my Kindle. I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve finished it. It’s not really the type of reading I generally go for, but the last first eBook by an up and coming author in a similar genre ended up being delightful. So I’m looking forward to seeing how Minnie fares between love and death.


  2. It’s not my genre Julia, and I did actually buy something similar from Amazon very recently to give a novice writer a ‘leg-up’, but hers was so badly written I didn’t write her a review. It would have been damning. Why then am I giving the genre another chance by buying yours? Mainly because, from what I’ve read about you, I think you’ll have done a better job. Okay my girl, ’nuff said: I’m off to download, and I’ll try to read this week. If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m also now following you.


  3. Hi Tom. I have just seen your review on Amazon and can find little else to say except thank you; I am overwhelmed. I shall look at your blog to see how I can contact you. I really must set up another email account – next on my list of technological challenges


  4. W. K. Tucker

    I bought your eBook on Amazon. Sounds interesting. I have so many titles on my “to read” list,I don’t know when I will read it, but rest assured , I will. 🙂


    • Thank you for making that commitment and for at least putting it on your list! I am always amazed to make a sale! The process of Kindle Direct is very straightforward – I wouldn’t have managed to do it otherwise. Sales-wise, I won’t be hitting any best seller lists just yet, but then I can honestly say that isn’t my motivation to write; I would write even if no other living soul read a word I put down on paper. That being said, it’s very encouraging to find people are beggining to read Strong as Death other than just people who know me, and it’s humbling to receive reviews on Amazon. co.uk (I don’t think they show up on .com), the majority of which are from people I don’t know.
      Issues with Amazon? Mainly my technical limitations. I wrote the manuscript on three different computers and although I managed to make the format look the same in a Word document, converting it to html threw up some issues, a couple of which are glitches I still need to iron out. My next manuscript, I will send round agents and when (note my confidence!!) it is refused, I will publish on Amazon and may consider Create Space too. I’m on holiday abroad at the moment with sporadic internet access, but am happy to ‘chat’ about this more when I’m back. You should check out Tom Benson’s blog; he’s been very generous with his hints since he contacted me after reading my book. http://tombensoncreative.wordpress.com/


      • W. K. Tucker

        Thanks for your reply and all the information. And I will definitely check out Tom’s blog.
        Enjoy your holiday!


  5. Have just posted my review of ‘Strong As Death’ on the Amazon sites (and on my blog of course). Afraid it’s not listed on Goodreads yet so I’d suggest you ask Tom how you go about that, but once it is I’ll be happy to post my review there too.

    Regarding reviews appearing on both the amazon sites, sadly they don’t automatically appear on both, so the reviewer has to cut’ n’ paste said review to the other site if he wants it there too, though obviously it won’t actually appear on the sister site as a verified purchase.
    Best wishes


  6. Hi Paul. I’ve finally discovered that you can list ‘Strong as Death’ on Goodreads by using the ASIN number, which for ‘Strong as Death’ is: B00IIOWO4U

    Once again, thanks for such a great, honest review.



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